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Fortenova Group and COTRUGLI Business School develop professional competence improvement programme for Fortenova Group employees



As part of the improvement programme for the knowledge and skills of its employees entitled DRIVE Beyond Excellence, in partnership with the experts from the COTRUGLI Business School Fortenova Group has developed the Navigate programme, intended to strengthen the professional competencies of Fortenova Group employees in order for them to also significantly contribute to meeting Fortenova Group’s strategic goals by investing in their own development and to deal with new business challenges with ease. 

The first generation of Navigate programme attendees comprises 35 employees of Fortenova Group and its operating companies. Over the course of the 14 months of the education programme they will go through seven thematic units providing them with the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills, ponder possible improvements at their respective companies, acquire new, practical organizational knowledge and through all of that additionally mobilize their teams and organizations. An integral part of the programme is also a concrete project from Fortenova Group’s operations, where the students will work under the sponsorship of one of Fortenova Group’s Executive Directors.

In order to adjust the entire programme as much as possible to the Fortenova Group environment and the projects taking place at the operating companies, the content of the DRIVE programme for future attendees will be designed based on the feedback, proposals and ideas of the attendees from previous generations. Therefore the students of the first DRIVE programme generation will also be ambassadors of sorts for the programme.

On the occasion of the DRIVE Beyond Excellence education programme kick-off Fabris Peruško, Fortenova Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors, said: “It is our wish to be not only the largest, but also the most desirable employer in the region and hence we consider this significant investment in the expansion of our employees’ knowledge, that we have just started, to be one of the key elements in achieving that goal. I personally believe that building a systematic support that will provide talents with the possibility of personal growth and development is also of particular importance in the perception of the company as employer and in accomplishing all our business objectives. A structured approach to improving human resources will create new values for the Group and contribute to creating togetherness, which is extremely important for Fortenova Group to meet its ambitious business goals.”

“Being the educational partner in this significant project is a particular pleasure for us and we are looking forward to realizing all the objectives set. The trust placed in us motivates us, in accordance with the School’s mission, to encourage students to pursue a continuous development in order to set an example and introduce positive changes and thus contribute to the development of their organization and the society as a whole” – said Zoran Đorđević, Partner and Programme Director of COTRUGLI Business School.

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