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Reporting of irregularities

Reporting of irregularities in Fortenova grupa d.d.

Fortenova grupa d.d., recognizes that integrity and reputation are based on confidence of its employees and business partners, and therefore implements and promotes ethical principles and values, proactively aspiring to adhere to the compliance with legal regulations and to the highest possible business standards with an aim to regulate and communicate in a clear manner the corporate responsibility, regulatory compliance, and protection of those persons who “speak-up” against suspected or committed irregularities.
Therefore, and in accordance with the Protection of Reporters of Irregularities Act, Fortenova grupa d.d. established a system of internal reporting of irregularities and appointed a Confidant and Deputy who are obliged to protect the identity of the reporting person.

What are irregularities ?

Irregularities are acts or omissions which are unlawful and relate to the company’s operations within the scope referred to in Article 4. of the abovementioned Act. Irregularities can be reported by natural person who acquired information on irregularity within their work-related context.

How to submit an irregularity report?

The report of irregularities may be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • by post,
  • by direct delivery to the registered seat of the Company with the note „For the Confidant – do not open“
  • by electronic mail to the e-mail address of the Confidant:
  • at the request of the applicant, by a physical meeting within a reasonable time.

What must the report of irregularity contain?

The report of irregularity must contain:

– information on the reporting person,

– information on the person and/or persons to which the report refers,

– description of or information on irregularity being reported,

– and date of report.

Upon receiving report of irregularities, the Confidant will protect the identity of the reporting person and confidentiality of information and provide him/her with all information about protection and his/her rights.