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Privacy Policy

Notice on processing personal data of candidates

Notice on Processing Personal Data of Suppliers, Business Partners and Irregularity Reporters

Personal Data Retention Policy

Notice on Processing Personal Data (transfer within the Group)

Terms of use and privacy protection

By accessing and /or using the Fortenova Group d.d.’s (hereinafter: Fortenova Group) website the user confirms to have read, understood and to consent to this Statement of Secrecy and Confidentiality of Data and Terms of Use (hereinafter: Data Confidentiality Statement). Should the User not consent hereto, they are obliged to refrain from using the Fortenova Group website.

Documents published at the Fortenova Group website may only be copied for non-commercial and personal use, stating all copyright notices and alerts as well as all disclaimers as stated at Any copying, reproduction or distribution of information contained at is only permitted with the previous explicit approval of Fortenova Group.

Fortenova Group shall exert all efforts for the information published at the website to be accurate, but does not provide any guarantees nor can it be held liable for the accuracy or completeness thereof.

Changes to the Data Confidentiality Statement

Fortenova Group is authorized to change the Data Confidentiality Statement at any point in time by publishing the amended wording of the Data Confidentiality Statement at the Fortenova Group’s website. Changes to the Data Confidentiality Statement become effective immediately upon publication. Should a User use the Fortenova Group website after the Data Confidentiality Statement has been changed, it is presumed that they have familiarized themselves with the changes, understand them and accept them in full. The Fortenova Group is not liable for any damage incurred by Users or third parties due to such changes.

Personal data disclosure

Fortenova Group shall not disclose Users’ personal data to third persons, where Fortenova Group affiliates are not considered to be third persons.

Fortenova Group provides certain services and products through third person providers. Third person providers conduct certain activities on behalf and for the account of Fortenova Group, such as sending and distributing administrative and promotional email messages. Fortenova Group may share Users’ personal data with such service providers in order to send mail and email messages, remove data duplicates from user lists, analyse data, provide advertising services, secure search results and connections, manage the website, resolve problems and provide user services.

Fortenova Group is authorized to disclose User data only for the purpose of protecting the Fortenova Group, complying with legal obligations, securing the compliance with this Data Confidentiality Statement or other contracts and protecting property rights or the safety of this website, the Users or other persons.

Deletion, completion and correction of personal data

Users are authorized to request the deletion, completion or change of any of their personal data from point 3 hereof by sending an email to the address In such email users are requested to provide their given and family name, address and email address as well as the personal data requested to be deleted, completed or changed.

Data protection

In order to protect personal data from accidental or illicit destruction, loss or change as well as from unauthorized disclosure or access, the Fortenova Group has taken technical and organizational security measures.

The user may access personal data collected by Fortenova Group via the website using a password and email address or by contacting the address Users are recommended not to disclose their password to third parties.

The user is aware of the fact that any data transfer via the Internet or any wireless network cannot be 100% secure. Althouth the Fortenova Group takes commercially reasonable data protection measures, it cannot guarantee the protection of any data transferred to or from the Fortenova Group website and cannot be held liable for the actions of any third party that receives such data.

Data tracking

Fortenova Group may store „cookies“ on users’ devices that contain User data and are used in order to save the User’s time during browsing the Fortenova Group website, to monitor and direct the User’s interest with a view to providing User-tailored services. The user can adjust the browser settings to refuse „cookies“ and to define which „cookies“ can be stored by, in which case it may happen that some parts of the Fortenova Group website will not work properly. Fortenova Group may also use other standard technologies to track the use of the website. Read more about „cookies“ here.

Third party website data confidentiality

This Data Confidentiality Statement is only related to personal data collected from Users by Fortenova Group. Other websites that can be accessed via the Fortenova Group website have their own confidentiality and data collection statements and ways of using them. Fortenova Group is not liable for the ways and terms and conditions of such websites’ operation.


Fortenova Group may only collect or keep personal data of children under the age of 16 with the consent of the person bearing parental responsibility for the child, pursuant to Art. 19, item 1 of the Act on Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Official Gazette 42/2018).

Application of the Statement

This Statement applies as of 1 April 2019 until being revoked by Fortenova Group.


For the company Fortenova grupa d.d. a Confidant and her Deputy have been appointed.

Vlasta Babić-Kolar has been appointed as Confidant for receiving reports on irregularities in doing business at Fortenova grupa d.d. and for conducting the procedures related thereto. The Confidant can be contacted at .

Hido Lajtman has been appointed as Deputy Confidant and he can be contacted at .

You can also submit your report by mail to the address FORTENOVA GRUPA d.d., Marijana Čavića 1, 10 000 Zagreb . Please indicate on the envelope is it addressed to Confidant or Deputy Confidant.