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Fortenova grupa d.d. agrees to fully consolidate its position in A.N.P. Energija d.o.o.


Following the recently announced acquisition of a 26 per cent stake in A.N.P. Energija held by Prosperus FGS, Fortenova grupa has now agreed to acquire a further 39 per cent shareholding in A.N.P. Energija held by Inspire Investments d.o.o.

Following the transactions with Prosperus and Inspire, Fortenova grupa will effectively wholly own A.N.P. Energia via a direct 65 per cent ownership along with a 35 per cent stake in A.N.P. Energija that it already owns via its wholly-owned subsidiary Agrokor Energija d.o.o.

A.N.P. Energija d.o.o. is the sole owner of Energija Gradec d.o.o., a company which operates five bio-fuel power plants in Slavonia and Central Croatia with installed capacity of 9.8MW, using biomass supplied by Fortenova Group’s agricultural companies to produce electricity from biogas.

The transactions will allow Fortenova Group to exit non-core investments and unlock significant value for Fortenova Group’s Agriculture segment by fully consolidating the Energija Gradec biogas power generation business.


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