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Fortenova Group to move forward with the Frozen Food Business Group divestment


After receiving a number of non-binding offers for the acquisition of the companies Ledo plus, Ledo Čitluk and Frikom, forming together with several smaller affiliated companies the Frozen Food Business Group, Fortenova Group have decided to move forward to the next phase of the sales process by inviting a select number of bidders to start due diligence.

“The market test has confirmed that there is strong international interest among potential investors in our Frozen Food business. The qualified non-binding offers come from companies with outstanding investment and operational track record. We are glad that we will be entering due diligence process with some extremely strong potential partners”, said James Pearson, Fortenova Group’s Chief Financial Officer

“Our ultimate goal, over and above maximising value, remains to be selection of a strategic partner who will make the maximum contribution to the further development of the Frozen Food Business Group. Even though we are entering the due diligence phase now, completion of the process still depends on finding the partner who will recognize the full value and potential of this business and its people”, said Fabris Peruško, Fortenova Group’s Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors. “In order to proactively achieve our targeted capital structure via deleveraging the company, Fortenova Group is ready to dispose of only one segment of the core business, which potentially would be the Frozen Food Business Group. I expect the due diligence process to be completed by the end of this year and we will continue to keep our people and the market informed of further developments in a timely manner”, concluded Peruško.”

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