More than 100 of our own brands, which occupy leading positions in the region in the retail and food and beverage segment

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Fortenova Group brands are leading their categories in most markets where they are present

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Fortenova Group cultivates the largest agricultural area under a single organisation in Europe

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Retail network in five countries in SouthEast Europe


Konzum is the leading retail chain in Croatia with more than 600 stores serving more than 500.000 customers daily. The first Konzum self-service shop was opened in Zagreb in 1957.

Konzum’s recipe for success has always been to communicate with customers, recognise their needs and preferences and to follow the latest retail trends. At conveniently located shops Konzum provides the best customer service and a pleasant shopping experience in a pleasant atmosphere with the best quality products offered at a good value.

VELPRO is a wholesale company intended primarily for professional customers, such as restaurants, hotels, companies and public sector and a leading wholesaler in Croatia.

Today there are 17 VELPRO locations throughout Croatia and more than 150 vehicles ensure adherence to most modern global distribution standards. Along with quality of service, customers also receive access to a rich assortment of more than 10.000 products, that includes over 600 products of the Rial, Profiline and Profiline Exclusive private labels. VELPRO sells and distributes fresh food, fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, packed food, beverages, cosmetics, seasonal assortments, office supplies, electronics, as well as professional assortment for restaurants and hotels that make up a significant segment of the wholesale business.

Tisak is the biggest retail newsstand chain with over 900 locations and Croatia's leading distributor of print and tobacco products, prepaid top-up cards, telecom operators' start packages and other products.

Tisak has one of the strongest distribution networks in the country and it ensures daily delivery of all kinds of printed materials, cigarettes and tobacco products, prepaid top-up cards for mobile phones, administrative duty stamps and other commercial goods to all parts of Croatia and all kinds of buyers regardless of size. Tisak’s clients are private citizens, small-sized family vendors, local trading companies and the largest national retail store chains.


Jamnica is the largest Croatian producer of mineral and spring waters and soft drinks with tradition spanning 180 years.

The wells of Jamnicka Kiselica have been known since the Celtic era, but organized development of exploitation did not begin until 18 October 1828 when the first bottles intended for the market were filled. Jamnica's prudent investment in modernization, development and new technologies have made it grow into one of the most modern European mineral and spring water and soft drink bottling plants.

Jamnica comprises the Jamnica natural mineral water bottling plant in Pisarovina, the Jana natural spring water bottling plant in Sveta Jana, the Juicy natural fruit juice bottling plant, the Sarajevski Kiseljak natural mineral water and soft drink bottling plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Fonyodi mineral water bottling plant and distribution companies in Slovenia and Serbia.

Ledo is the largest manufacturer of industrial ice cream and the largest distributor of frozen food in Croatia.

In 1958 the first ice cream was produced at the Zagreb dairy plant. It was an ice cream stick named Snjeguljica (Snow White). In 1965 the company built its first ice cream production facility and called it Ledo.

Ledo is equipped with the latest equipment and technology for the production of ice cream cones, popsicles and various other ice cream products offered in an extensive range of flavours. Technologically advanced storage facilities for feedstock and frozen goods, packing machines and new energy and IT equipment used in the factory today can all be attributed to continuous investment in Ledo.

Mladina is the leading manufacturer of sparkling wines, young red wine Portugizac and wines sold under the Gaj brand.

Mladina winemaking company has been enjoying the reputation of a producer of excellent wines since 1736 and Count Erdödy’s founding of today’s wine cellar. The cellar was named by the Mladina wine-growing site of the Plešivica-Okic appellation.

The company’s core activities are viniculture, wine production and production of grapevine plant material. Mladina’s majority shareholder is Jamnica, Zagreb. Mladina cultivates 70.56 ha of vineyards with 290,358 grapevines. In addition to quality and premium white wines, Mladina d.d is also Croatia’s largest producer of Portugizac, a popular young fresh-tasting red wine.

PIK Vrbovec is the leading company in Croatian and region's meat industry with 80 years of tradition in the production and processing of meat products.

Due to high quality standards, state of the art plant and logistic centers, paired with continual investment into production expansion and development, following new market trends and a consumer-oriented business philosophy, PIK has become a recognizable brand and a market leader in Croatia.

Zvijezda is the largest producer of edible oils in Croatia and the only producer of margarine, vegetable fat, mayonnaise and delicious mayonnaise-based products and ketchup in Croatia, operating at the pinnacle of Croatia's food market for more than 100 years. The Zvijezda, Margo and Omegol brands bespeak quality, innovation and originality and they are among the most trusted and valued products on grocery shelves. Highly appreciated Zvijezda products are the result of years of experience, carefully selected recipes, advances in nutrition and food technology and, as such, they proudly boast numerous national and international recognitions, with the highest quality standards guaranteed by Zvijezda's steady investment in development and implemented QMS in compliance with ISO and HACCP standards. In addition to its own products, Zvijezda distributes the following products as well: ketchup, vinegar, frying oil, pumpkin oil, condiments, olives and canned vegetables. The company also distributes Belje and Livno cheeses and Dijamant products.

The company Roto dinamic was established in 1992 and it recorded constant growth and development before becoming a leading beverage distributer in the region, while also expanding its operations into retail and service activities.

Roto dinamic cooperates with more than 130 domestic and foreign producers and importers of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, including more than 50 wineries.

Solana Pag is the biggest producer of table salt in Croatia. The company's production is based on a thousand-year-old tradition of salt panning on the island of Pag. The first written evidence of salt panning on Pag dates back to the 10th century. Since 1911 the extraction of salt as a modern commercial enterprise has been developing at a steady pace and today Solana Pag is a large-scale business. 

The production of salt starts with collecting seawater from Pag Bay, which is of the highest quality owing to the unpolluted marine environment. 

Since April 2019 "Paška sol" is registered for protected designation of origin and protected geographical indication in the entire European Union. Protection of the name "Paška sol" includes two products: fine sea salt and salt flower.


Agrolaguna is a company engaged in winemaking, olive growing and cattle farming on 1200 ha of cultivated land.

Agrolaguna is a company engaged in winemaking, olive growing and cattle farming and its brands are regionally popular and highly appreciated for their quality. Most of 1200 ha of cultivated land is covered in vineyards, olive orchards and pastures. Olive oil, wine and cheese are original Istrian products sold under the Ol Istria, Vina Laguna and Sir Špin brands.

Belje is the biggest agricultural company in the region with 20,000ha of arable fields and cattle raising on over 20 farms, which ensures From field to table product traceability for Belje cheeses, traditional cured meat products and wines.

Belje can boast with more than three centuries of food production.

The well set up production starts at Belje’s land and farms with the use of the most advanced agricultural machines and cutting-edge technology. Quality raw materials from the company’s production facilities are processed under strictly controlled conditions and turned into finished products at multiple food production facilities of Belje, a company widely regarded as the provider of original products of the best quality.

PIK Vinkovci is a company engaged in agriculture, food production and transportation services.

PIK Vinkovci was founded in 1962. and ever since it has been steadily expanding its production.

In addition to being engaged in agriculture and vegetable production, the company also has grain drying systems, storage facilities for storing cereals and oil crops and wheat and corn grinders. Other activities include pig and cow farming and fruit and vegetable processing and, as the company is also a registered trader, it regularly buys and sells different categories of goods.

Vupik is one of the biggest agricultural producers in Croatia boasting over sixty years of experience in agriculture. Vupik saw the realization of a major investment cycle directed toward increasing the production and market competitiveness. Vupik's core activities include cereal farming, vegetable growing, pig farming, cattle farming, dairy farming, viticulture, winemaking and grain storage in silos and various storage facilities.

Founded in 1967, Vinka's business activities are based on two key segments: orchard Borinci coverng 900 hectares and a processing plant for frozen fruit and vegetable products. Vinka is the only company producing frozen vegetables in Croatia.


A007, company behind Abrakadabra brand, is on a mission to make another step forward in group's online business.

A007 has been founded in 2016 as a company whose main focus is establishing a web shop for non food categories. Company is run by digital experts who work tirelessly on improving the user experience, technology and products.

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AGROKOR - ENERGIJA produced, distributes and trades in from renewable energy sources. It completed investments in five natural gas facilities with a total power of 10 MW.

The company fosters an ecological approach to the utilization of by-products generated in agricultural production, processing industry, food industry, storage management and retail and wholesale business, following the strictest environmental standards.

Electricity is obtained from renewable energy sources, with heat and organic fertilizer generated as by-products.

mStart is a provider of business and technological solutions and services for development, implementation, integration and support of business information systems and solutions. mStart offers a wide range of solutions, from ERP and DMS solutions to business inteligence and analytics, digital payment, infrastructure and security services solutions. Today, the company employs more than 340 technology experts with knowledge in the implementation and support of world-leading technology solutions for business systems, based on cooperation with some of the largest companies in the region. mStart is a partner with world-leading IT vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, BMC and others, and the business processes are compliant with international ISO 27001 information security management and PCIDSS for card payment security.

MultiPlusCard is not only the foremost, but also the first and only multi-company shopper rewards program in Croatia.

MultiPlusCard is the first coalition loyalty program in Croatia launched in 2010, it includes multiple partners and enables shoppers to win reward points with each shopping.

Aviva Polyclinic is the leading private polyclinic in Croatia with over 38 years of experience in providing health care services, offering a wide range of health care services provided by specialists and health professionals, including specialist services, diagnostic procedures and rehabilitation programmes.

The highest standard of care, the most advanced diagnostic technology and high level of professionalism and ethics, combined with team effort and holistic approach to health and patient care, make Aviva the health care facility of choice for many individuals and organisations.