About us

Fortenova Group is one of the largest companies in Southeast Europe and one of the leading regional companies with more than 50,000 employees

About us

Fortenova grupa d.d. was established on 1 April 2019, following the successful implementation of the Settlement Plan achieved between Agrokor's creditors. The creditors' Settlement is a financial and ownership restructuring plan achieved during the Extraordinary Administration Procedure conducted at Agrokor pursuant to the Act on Extraordinary Administration Proceedings in Companies of Systemic Importance for the Republic of Croatia. Fortenova Group is one of the largest companies in Southeast Europe. The Group employs more than 50,000 people and operates in three core businesses: Retail & Wholesale, Food and Agriculture, while the non-core businesses are grouped within a separate holding.

Fortenova Group is leader in each of its key businesses in most markets where it operates.

In Retail and Wholesale, Fortenova Group revenues in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, B&H and Montenegro exceed HRK 31bn (EUR 4bn). Konzum, Mercator, Idea and Roda are the key brands through which this segment communicates with the consumers on their respective markets.

Fortenova Group's food companies at regional level generate around HRK 9.2bn (EUR 1.3bn) in revenue. The strongest brands in Fortenova's product portfolio in mineral waters, ice cream, oil, margarine and mayonnaise boast internationally recognized quality and a very high level of recognition among consumers.

The Fortenova Group manages the largest agricultural areas in Europe and features diversified production including cereal and oil crops, livestock farms and cheese production, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable production. The Group generates revenues of HRK 3bn in this sector.


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Board of Directors consists of nine members, eight non-executive and one executive member of the Board.




Fortenova Group consists of companies in retail, food production, agriculture and other businesses

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Business advancement

Responsible business continuously contributes to the conservation and protection of the environment

Aware of the fact that the advancement of our business is linked to the welfare of the community in which we operate, we consider investing in the development and improvement of the quality of life to be a constituent part of our socially responsible operations.

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Continous investments

Every year we support the work of numerous associations and humanitarian actions

All companies in the Fortenova Group have, in line with their corporate values, continuously invested in the development of the community in which they operate. They support sports, cultural, educational and humanitarian events as well as a number of sports clubs, non-profit associations and institutions.

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Projects and initiatives

Organized and professional management of systems according to the principles of sustainable development

If you have a project or an initiative aimed at the welfare of the local community, please feel free to send your requests for sponsorships or donations via email to the address marketing@fortenovagrupa.hr.

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Company name FORTENOVA GRUPA dionicko društvo za upravljanje
Short name Fortenova grupa d.d.
Registered office address Marijana Cavica 1, Zagreb
Tax No. (OIB) 88035992407
Company's registration No. (MB) 04933664
Court registration No. (MBS) 081179147
Court of registration Trgovacki sud u Zagrebu
Share capital 200.000,00 kuna (uplacen u cijelosti)
Total number of shares 2.000
Bank account HR2523600001102704844
Bank Zagrebacka banka (Trg Josipa Jelacica 10, Zagreb, Hrvatska)

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