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Fortenova Group is one of the largest companies in Southeast Europe whose core activities are retail, food production and agriculture

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Fortenova Group has more than 50.000 employees

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50k Employees
in Croatia
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Fortenova Group brands are leading their categories in most markets where they are present

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Fortenova Group cultivates the largest agricultural area under a single organisation in Europe

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Retail network in five countries in SouthEast Europe


Socially responsible business

We consider our employees to be the cornerstone of our success. We provide them with a safe and encouraging working environment and the possibility to accomplish their professional goals and ambitions, where their contribution will be recognized and valued appropriately. The size, diversity and growth dynamics of the Fortenova Group boosts the career development for professionals of various profiles. The Fortenova Group builds on employee satisfaction, positive organizational climate and a corporate culture that values and appreciates success.


A constant concern for nature, the environment and the community

We have chosen energy efficient technologies for our operations to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. Particular attention is paid to waste disposal and waste water treatment as well as to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, in compliance with socially responsible business practices.


Fortenova Group community

Activities we pursue in the community in which we operate are aimed at fostering a transparent and encouraging business environment. We also support our community through donations and sponsorships in humanitarian activities, sports and cultural events, cultural heritage preservation, scientific and educational institutions and activities involving children and young people.

Business structure

Annual revenue of Fortenova Group is almost EUR 5.5 billion

Leading market positions based on a differentiated portfolio of leading brands and products


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