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Fortenova Group extends offer of properties for sale


The website features almost 200 properties worth more than HRK 139 million


Fortenova Group has refreshed the offer at its specialized website for selling properties to include more than 50 new properties located all across Croatia. The offer still includes various property types: residential, commercial, agricultural and building land. Those are non-core properties owned by Fortenova Group's operating companies. Thus the overall portfolio offered on that website comprises almost 200 properties worth more than HRK 139 million in total. As a new feature, all properties offered have additionally been designated with special boards on site with the required contacts in order to make the divestment process as efficient as possible.

The website features a detailed description of the condition of each property offered for sale as well as the terms of disposal, along with the initial price and instructions on how to submit bids for a specific property. In addition, it is possible to tour and view commercial facilities subject to prior notice. There is also a special telephone line under the number +385 99 531 4000, where additional information can be obtained. Binding bids for purchasing properties shall be received until 31st May 2020.  

The bids are to be submitted in binding form and must contain the name of the natural person or firm name of the legal person, PIN/IIN (OIB), contact, proof of residence or registered seat of the bidder, designation of the property (property ID listed with each individual advertisement starting with „AGNE-____“) for which the bidder submits the bid in writing, the offered amount of the sale-purchase price in kuna that must be higher than the stated initial sale-purchase price, proof of security deposit payment, IBAN for possible security deposit repayment, statement of the bidder on acceptance of the terms and conditions of the sale-purchase agreement, signature of the bidder and a list of appendices submitted with the bid. The bidders should deliver the written bid in a closed envelope to the address: FORTENOVA GRUPA d.d., Marijana Čavića 1, 10 000 Zagreb, with the remark – „Bid for the purchase of the property – ID No. AGNE-______, Asset Management Department of the Group“. All details regarding the conditions of sale can also be found at the following link:

The list of properties offered for sale shall continue to be updated regularly and the website will soon be supplemented to include new content and new properties.

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