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Changes to the Management Boards of Fortenova Group operating companies


New CEO's appointed at Konzum and Ledo


As of mid May and early June, respectively, the companies Konzum plus d.o.o. and Ledo plus d.o.o. will be headed by new Presidents of the Boards. Thus Zoran Mitreski will replace Slavko Ledić as President of the Management Board of Konzum and Ivan Babić will assume the management of Ledo instead of Marin Poljak. In order for Fortenova Group operations to be even more efficient in the forthcoming period, Fabris Peruško, Chief Executive Officer of Fortenova Group, has together with the Executive Directors and the Board of Directors introduced changes with a view to further strengthening the management teams and improving the two key business areas of Fortenova Group.

The position of the President of the Managment Board of Konzum, the largest national retail chain, will as of 16th May 2020 be assumed by Zoran Mitreski, former Member of the Management Board of Konzum for purchasing and marketing. At the same time, with a view to further standardizing and strengthening synergic potentials as well as simplifying operations, the frozen food segment within Fortenova Group's Food Business Area will be integrated in terms of management. As of 1st June 2020 Ivan Babić, currently director of the Turnaround Department at Fortenova grupa d.d., will assume the management of the frozen food segment as Executive Director and at the same time as Managing Director of the company Ledo plus.

Both Slavko Ledić, former President of the Management Board of Konzum and Marin Poljak, former Managing Director of Ledo plus, will continue their careers outside Fortenova Group.

„In realizing those decisions we were primarily guided by the wish for improvement and continuity, which we have achieved with these appointments. Our colleagues Mitreski and Babić are deeply integrated in the operations of the companies the management of which they are about to assume. With long-standing experience in retail, and particularly in Konzum where he has together with other colleagues run the company through the most challenging stages of its operations, since the deep crisis in 2017, through the Extraordinary Administration Procedure to the stabilization of operations and resumption of excellent results, Zoran Mitreski is the key person for Konzum's further development. The leadership that he has shown today, under the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic, has significantly contributed to the fact that Konzum has again demonstrated exceptional strength under significantly aggravated operating conditions.

Similarly, Ivan Babić as head of the turnaround project, particularly important for the processes that Fortenova Group has undergone, had the opportunity to familiarize himself in detail with all our businesses and has with his strategic considerations and operational skills made a great contribution in raising Fortenova Group's operating profit by EUR 100m through the restructuring over the last two years. The experience he has gained by doing that work and by running the restructuring at MOL, where he worked prior to joining Fortenova Group, guarantee that our colleague Babić will justify the trust placed in him to run the operations of the frozen food segment“ – said Fabris Peruško, Chief Executive Officer of Fortenova Group.

“I feel great pride, but at the same time great responsibility. On the one hand, this confirms that the Management Board that I have been part of in the former composition led the company in the right direction and I can only say that my appointment will provide for positive continuity. We shall continue working on all projects started and, of course, I look forward to all future ones. Konzum is made of people and I am sure that our winning team will continue to overcome all challenges just as it has done so far“, said Zoran Mitreski, the new President of the Board of Konzum.

Ivan Babić, the new Executive Director of Fortenova Group's frozen food segment, said on the occasion of the appointment: „I am honored by the decision to entrust me with the responsible duty of running the new frozen food segment in the Food Business Area. After two years of very intensive work on the turnaround project and the cooperation with numerous teams from all parts of Fortenova Group, I believe that I have not only sufficient knowledge, but also the experience required to achieve the strategic objectives set. I very much look forward to new business challenges and particularly to the cooperation with colleagues on developing and strengthening the market positions of our companies.“


Peruško also thanked the former heads of Konzum and Ledo for the contribution they made to the companies and to Fortenova Group, particularly over the period of the Settlement Plan implementation and the transformation of the companies.

„The managerial skills, knowledge and personality of Slavko Ledić were key to maintaining Konzum's operations in the crisis the company went through in 2017. In spite of a number of aggravating circumstances, Konzum survived and within very short time regained customer confidence and resumed its upward trajectory. Ledić headed the team that impeccably realized the Settlement Plan implementation, which was extremely complex in a retail company with more than 10,000 employees. In parellel to that, Konzum continuously improved its business results and was one of the major drivers of operating profit growth of the entire Group. At the end of the day, the period of extraordinary retail operations under challenging conditions that we are currently witnessing is largely the result of Ledić's organisational skills and knowledge of retail operations. I therefore extend my sincere appreciation to our colleague Ledić for his hard work and engagement and wish him lots of success in his further career“ – Peruško said.

In his acknowledgment to Marin Poljak, former President of the Board of Ledo plus, Peruško highlighted his contribution to developing the organisation, the new vision and the realization of Ledo's strategic plan. „Under his management Ledo continued to affirm its leading position in product innovation and quality under aggravated operating conditions“ – said Fabris Peruško on the occasion of announcing changes in leading positions at two Fortenova Group companies.

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