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Fortenova Group production companies work regularly to secure sufficient product quantities, Konzum has goods to meet the demand over several months


Observing Italy's experience, Konzum started preparing stocks several weeks ago, its key advantage being the strategic cooperation with local suppliers of many years


You can see the video of the statement in Croatian here.

In all of its production and agricultural facilities as well as in retail, Fortenova Group implemented a number of measures to secure continuity of operations under the extraordinary conditions of defense against the coronavirus spread. Under intensified measures of sanitary and personal hygiene, the employees of Jamnica, Zvijezda, PIK Vrbovec, Ledo, Belje, PIK Vinkovci and all other Fortenova Group companies are working normally to secure products for the shelves and stocks in retail, thus guaranteeing availability of those goods on the market in the forthcoming period.

Given that the exceptionally strong demand over the last days at Konzum stores created jams that made it very difficult, in spite of the employees' efforts, to fill the shelves in the stores at the same pace at which customers emptied them, Fortenova Group points out that Croatia's largest retail chain has sufficient quantities of goods, particularly food and hygiene items, which are in highest demand in the current situation.  The high demand also resulted in an increase in turnover, which was significantly higher than usual at individual Konzum stores in the peak periods.

„The increased demand, particularly after specific articles, is the only reason why the shelves are empty from time to time, as long as our staff does not have the time to replenish them. We have started to get prepared for that situation weeks ago, observing the experience in Italy, and have additionally increased our stocks. The warehouses are full and there are sufficient goods to meet the demand over several months. Food stores will certainly stay open, in compliance with the national measures of defense against the coronavirus disease and at Konzum, ie. at Fortenova Group we will make sure that there are sufficient quantities of all key products“ – says Fabris Peruško, CEO of Fortenova Group.

Peruško particularly pointed out that in the current situation Konzum's great advantage was its strategic cooperation with local suppliers of many years, which was also a guarantee that there would be no delivery disruptions nor price increases at Konzum stores.

„Although the majority of our food items are of local origin, for some time we have also been working on establishing alternative sources of supply, in case there should be any major limitations or stoppages in the supply of goods that are imported from the most affected countries. We would like to ask our customers for their understanding – large surges make pressure on the stores, which increases the health risk both for our customers and our employees. I would therefore like to appeal to our customers to comply with the provision of keeping distance at the cash desks and in the store as well as using primarily contactless, ie. card payment, as those measures are key in preserving the health of everyone in the stores“ – said Zoran Mitreski, Member of the Management Board of Konzum for Purchasing and Marketing.

„All our employees, particularly those whose work is not visible as they are either in production or in the logistics chain, give their best to maintain operations under circumstances that are significantly more difficult. This is an opportunity to say thank you to them as well as to Konzum's employees for all the efforts that they have been exerting for the system to function under extraordinary circumstances, for the supply of goods to be sufficient and for all customers to be served. As employers we will find a way to reward them for this extraordinary engagement“ – said Fabris Peruško and reiterated that the Fortenova Group food production as well as Konzum's stores would keep on working and that it was most important now to overcome the days of probably even stricter measures of defense against the virus spread that are ahead of us with calm heads and no panic. 

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