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Ledo Ice Cream Declared Best in the World


Ledo's Lino Lada ice cream was declared the world's best ice cream, with the gold medal awarded to Lino Lada ice cream by the International Ice Cream Consortium at the competition held in Sweden, where Ledo products once again stood out due to their creativity, idea and production technology.


The International Ice Cream Consortium (IICC) is an association of all independent global ice cream producers, the purpose of which it is to exchange experience and acquire new knowledge through various educations and workshops. Each year their summit is held in one of the member states, with the highlight of the event being the presentation of awards in various categories.

Experts were particularly delighted with the unique form the the Lino Lada ice cream and the innovative soft dressing, but the decisive factor that made this ice cream become best in the world is the experience of the Lino Lada spread that was successfully translated into the ice cream. 

The ice cream was created in cooperation with Podravka and launched on the market in April this year. The first batches were sold in only a few days, which made this ice cream the most sought after dessert.

„We take exceptional pride in this award and acknowledgment, confirming Ledo ice cream as the world's best ice cream in the opinion of the industry, or independent global ice cream producers. This award is an additional acknowledgment of the committed work of our employees, and in particular our R&D team which has been transforming its creative ideas into finest ice cream and frozen food products. From year to year Ledo has been testing and developing plenty of various ice cream flavors and combinations, always with a view to meeting the requirements of its consumers, as they always come first. Being the best in the world is a great honour, as well as an obligation to keep producing highest quality ice cream going forward and to lead the way in terms of technological solutions, innovations and creativity on a global scale,“ said Marin Poljak, CEO of Ledo.

Dodjela nagrada IICC-Švedska-2019.-Best-Ice-Cream.jpg 

It is worth reminding that this is not the first acknowledgement to Ledo brands, as many awards have been won in various areas of operations, such as innovations, technical solutions and marketing communication. Thus the Hashtag project won the IICC award for the best commercial solution and the CROPAK award for the best graphic design. The company's focus on quality and innovation is also confirmed by awards won for the most innovative ice cream, presented in previous years to the products Chocolate Cake on a Stick, Hot Love and Ice Snack, while best ice cream awards were presented to the products King Truffles and Blueberry Cake on a Stick, all awarded by the IICC Association.

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