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Fortenova Group donates food worth HRK 3.3m


Fortenova Group - Croatia's leading food donor

Over the course of 2019 until the World Food Day, celebrated on 16 October, Fortenova Group has donated food worth HRK 3.3m in total, which makes it the leading food donor in Croatia. The largest donor within Fortenova Group is Konzum, having donated food worth HRK 2.8m, while the rest has been donated by companies from the Food and Agriculture business segments: Zvijezda, Jamnica, Ledo, Pik Vrbovec, Belje, PIK Vinkovci, VUPIK and Agrolaguna. Fortenova Group is also major strategic partner to various non-profit organizations in donating food in Croatia. Particularly worth noting are the cooperation of Fortenova Group with Mreža hrane (Food Network), the Red Cross and its social self-service stores, SOS Children's Village, soup kitchens as well as a number of other national and local institutions and associations.

The World Food Day is an opportunity to additionally highlight the two key global challenges related to food according to SDG2 (Sustainable Development Goals): the hunger challenge on the one hand and healthy, balanced and long-term sustainable nutrition on the other. Worldwide more than 820 million people suffer from hunger and an even greater number struggle with overweight. Research shows that more than 53 million Europeans cannot afford a quality meal every other day, while in Croatia more than a quarter of the population cannot afford a quality meal every day. At the same time the European Union produces 88 million tons of food a year which goes to waste, whereof Croatia accounts for 400,000 tons of discarded food or more than a thousand tons of food gone to waste every day.

The reasons thereto are many, from farmers who cannot sell their produce, to manufacturers who only use part of the raw material and the rest is discarded. The largest share of discarded food in the European Union, as much as 53 per cent, comes from households, as a result of poor planning and lack of education. Retail participates in food waste with around 5 per cent, as due to the complexity of donating procedures retailers usually opt for discarding the food, which is easier and cheaper for them. Nevertheless, this segment has seen significant changes, also in Croatia, with retail chains donating more and more food. They are headed by Croatia's largest retail chain Konzum, which has been proclaimed Best Donor in Brussels in the food retailers category for the second year in a row, within the scope of the initiative of Croatian MEP Biljana Borzan and the coordinator of the Food Network platform Zoran Grozdanov. 

„Within Fortenova Group, whose entire business is related to food, whether it be its production or retail, we have intensively been working on the challenges regarding food waste and the choice of health food. In pursuance thereof we have been recognized as Croatia's greatest food donor. At the same time, through Konzum's project of awarding customer loyalty such as Zdravoljupci (Health Lovers), we have in a fun way strived to make kids – from the earliest age on – and their families aware of the importance of daily fruit and vegetable consumption and a balanced and healthy diet. We have also placed a strong focus on the importance of encouraging local production and the consumption of domestic, local and seasonal products. We shall continue to pursue such approach going forward, through initiatives and projects intended to make an active contribution to making people aware of and educating them on these topics“ – explained Dubravka Jusić, Executive Director of Marketing at Fortenova Group.


Both this year and in the forthcoming period Fortenova Group and all its companies will continue to cooperate with local communities and associations across Croatia through the realisation of numerous food donations. The process of donating food at Fortenova Group involves a whole team of people who have exerted great efforts for food to be donated in a timely manner to those who need it most. At the same time, internal processes have continuously been improved and the procedures of ordering stocks optimized, primarily in order to reduce the total quantity of food with shelf life about to expire and also to donate it to the greatest possible extent. Besides the above, the Fortenova Group will continue to undertake numerous educational activities and projects intended to inform customers, employees, business partners and the entire public and make them aware of the importance of reducing food waste.

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