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Fortenova Group kicks off Accelerate programme – new cycle of its DRIVE Beyond Excellence project



The programme devised by Fortenova Group and Selectio involves almost 100 Fortenova Group employees

Fortenova Group started the implementation of the Accelerate programme – the second group programme within the DRIVE Beyond Excellence project, developed to improve the knowledge and skills of Fortenova Group employees in the long term.

Following the commencement of education for the first generation within the Navigate programme, another 98 employees, recognized for their development and career advancement potential by assuming more responsible managerial positions within Fortenova Group and its operating companies, have entered the Accelerate programme.

Their education focuses on acquiring a number of new competencies and knowledge in various operational areas. The programme has been developed in cooperation with the Selectio Group, Croatia’s leading human resources consultancy.

Through eight modules the attendees will gain insight in the areas of finance, supply chains, sales, building customer relations or comprehensive project management, with particular emphasis on strengthening the skills in team leadership, recognizing specific personal traits of team members and encouraging their creativity, agility and inclination to thinking outside the box.

The education is intended to improve the students’ managerial skills and strengthen the overall level of employee competencies and efficiency by transfer of the acquired knowledge to their teams, thus contributing to the atmosphere of togetherness, collaboration and sharing, fostered by Fortenova Group in its work environment.

"Supporting the development of our employees’ professional competencies is in our common interest. Besides strengthening the employees’ personal potential and additionally motivating them in overcoming new business challenges, we herewith also significantly contribute to Fortenova Group’s more successful operations overall, which is particularly important in an environment that requires continuous adjustments and change management” – said Fabris Peruško, Fortenova Group’s Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors at the kick-off of the Accelerate programme, while Aleksandar Zemunić, Director of the company Selectio, pointed out that they were delighted to be Fortenova Group’s partner in implementing such a comprehensive and ambitious development programme.

“We believe that with the expertise of our consultants and educators Fortenova Group employees will realize their potentials more easily and we are pleased to have the opportunity to support them on that journey” – he said on that occasion.

“Our goal is for the group skill development programmes within the scope of the DRIVE Beyond Excellence project to involve around 220 Fortenova Group and operating company employees in the first year and we are very happy that the first two generations of employees have already started their education as part of the project. We believe that securing the conditions for personal and professional growth and development is the strongest lever in strengthening the Group’s overall human resources and the best response to any business challenge” – said Gordana Fabris, Director of Fortenova Group’s Human Resources


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