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Fortenova Group purchases and donates half a million protective masks to the Civil Protection Directorate


The protective equipment worth almost HRK 2 million is intended for users working in the field to implement health protection measures against the coronavirus


Half a million disposable protective masks were donated by Fortenova Group to the Civil Protection Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. The protective equipment worth almost HRK 2 million, collected today from the Konzum warehouse, is intended for users who work in the field, implementing protective measures against the coronavirus.

Assistant Minister Damir Trut, PhD, thanked for the donation and said that it would contribute to increasing the safety of people taking part in activities related to fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic.  

„The donation of protective masks will provide for safer work conditions and the protection of all workers, primarily in the health system, but also other operating forces in the civil protection system and I would therefore like to say thank you for this praiseworthy donation. It is only with joint forces that we can contribute to reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus and to increasing the safety of all citizens of the Republic of Croatia“ – the Assistant Minister said.

Despite the great challenge in purchasing equipment which is currently the most sought after product on global level, Fortenova Group managed to import a sizeable quantity thereof, part of which is intended for the protection of Fortenova Group employees, while the majority of the masks will be provided to those who currently need them most.

„Everything we get from medical workers, policemen, fire fighters and all the others who have over the last weeks non-stop been taking care of the safety and health of us all, is invaluable. At Fortenova Group we know this very well, as thousands of our workers have daily been taking care of the smooth supply of goods for the people in the region. This why we very much appreciate the value of caring for safety and health and the importance of investing in that safety at this point“, - said Fabris Peruško, CEO of Fortenova Group.

Fortenova Group companies in Croatia – Konzum, PIK Vrbovec, Jamnica, Zvijezda, Belje and Ledo – have since the beginning of the crisis been helping hospitals, the Red Cross and various associations taking care of those in need. In Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, countries of the region in which they operate, the companies have as well helped to a significant extent in providing the basic necessities in fighting against the coronavirus spread.  

„With this most recent donation of protective masks the overall amount of Fortenova Group donations across the region to date has reached almost HRK 4 million in direct contributions to the communities in which we operate. This is also a way to show our gratitude to everyone who are in their workplaces daily, irrespective of the risks“ – Peruško highlighted.



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