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PIK Vinkovci invite small agricultural producers from Croatia to apply for the repurchase of products to be placed on the market through Konzum


PIK Vinkovci invite all interested small agricultural producers and family farms in Croatia who want to place their products on the market through Konzum to contact them at their collecting stations or through the email address:

Namely, PIK Vinkovci have together with Konzum taken part in the initiative launched by Fortenova Group in cooperation with the Agricultural Chamber and the Ministry of Agriculture in order for agricultural produce, which small producers cannot sell through green markets due to the extraordinary measures, to be placed through Konzum's retail network.

The placement will be realized through distributors, who will repurchase their produce subject to meeting highest quality standards. At Fortenova Group that will be PIK Vinkovci, given their long-standing tradition in agricultural production and repurchase of produce as well as the current collaboration in repurchase with several hundred contract farmers from all over Croatia.

The partnership which PIK Vinkovci within the scope of this project offer to small local producers whose existence is directly jeopardized by the closing of green markets, shall provide them with an essentially needed new sales channel. Thus the fact that Konzum is the largest national retail chain with over 600 points of sale, which will from now on additionally become an efficient sales channel for all small producers and family farms that so far offered their products mainly to local communities and green markets, has become particularly important in this project. This all builds on Konzum's already existing focus on Croatian production, given that products of Croatian origin account for 80 per cent of Konzum's turnover in the fruit and vegetables category.

PIK Vinkovci plus d.o.o. started gaining experience in vegetable, crop, livestock and seed production and repurchasing back in 1962 and today, measured by its storage capacities of 86,800 tons in total as well as silo and drying capacities, the company is among the largest in the Republic of Croatia. It is also one of the leading companies on the territory of the County of Vukovar and Srijem, tilling more than 5,000 ha of land, employing over 500 people and investing in development and new technologies.  

 „PIK Vinkovci have an exceptionally good and fair cooperation with more than 500 contract farmers a year, from Eastern Slavonia and from all across Croatia. Through five collecting centers, which strategically cover the agricultural production of the entire Republic of Croatia, they repurchase over 20,000 tons of fruit and vegetables a year. We take pride in the contribution that we have made to the integrated development and preservation of traditional and natural values, as we daily meet people's needs for quality local food on the Croatian market. In cooperation with Konzum as well as our existing and future contract farmers, whom we herewith once again invite to join us, we will certainly be able to keep fulfilling our basic mission – to supply all our customers with quality local products“ – Vlado Čondić Galiničić, Executive Director of Agriculture at Fortenova Group, commented on PIK Vinkovci's initiative.

Fabris Peruško, CEO of Fortenova Group, pointed out that Fortenova Group has in this project secured the repurchase of Croatian agricultural produce through PIK Vinkovci and their placement through Konzum's retail network.

„We have thus, in these challenging times, used the key segments of our operations to create an important link and platform to preserve small agricultural production in Croatia. At the same time, we have once again demonstrated our overall strategic orientation towards Croatian production and made an important contribution to the future of Croatia's agricultural production. By providing an alternative distribution and sales channel in circumstances of the rigorous measures introduced to prevent the coronavirus spread, we have proved how important a business partner small agricultural producers and family farms are to us. Moreover, we have conveyed a message about the values that we share – the importance of buying Croatian products, focus on the self-sufficiency of national and local production and strengthening of local supply chains“ – said Fabris Peruško, CEO of Fortenova Group.



Key agricultural crops to be repurchased by PIK Vinkovci: watermelon, cabbage, new potatoes, melon, cucumber, crystal lettuce, kale, leek, tomato, apple, zucchini, red cabbage, grapes, pumpkin, asparagus, parsley, chard, onion, pepper, plum, celery root, peach, nectarine, pear, garlic, eggplant, red beet, apricot, kohlrabi, sweetcorn, celery, cherry, radish, spring onions etc.


The fruit and vegetable repurchase will be realized according to defined quality standards and with all new contract farmers a cooperation agreement will be signed to define the contractual relations. A constituent part of each agreement will be a product quality standard regulation.


Contact repurchase/collecting stations:

Repurchase Slavonia

Collecting Center Lipovac, Cvjetno naselje bb, Lipovac

Collecting Center Čeminac, Školska 5a, Čeminac

Repurchase Dalmatia

Collecting Center Polača, Industrijska zona Primat bb, Polača (near Zadar)

Collecting Center Kaštela, Trogirska cesta broj 5, Trogir

Repurchase Zagreb

Collecting Center Zagreb, Kelekova 47, Zagreb

The contact email address for all small producers is:, the contact number for Dalmatia and Zagreb is: 023 662 548, while the contact number for Slavonia is: 032 270 084.

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