Fortenova grupa njeguje otvorenu i transparentnu komunikaciju

Fortenova Group to proceed with specialization in its wholesale operations


Roto dinamic to assume the entire HoReCa sales channel in the beverage  segment at Fortenova Group level

Wholesale part of Konzum (former Velpro Centar) to focus on the distribution of food and non-food assortment in the HoReCa channel and cooperation with the small independent stores and Plus Markets 


Fortenova Group made the decision to consolidate the beverage distribution for the HoReCa channel within Roto dinamic. In early February 2020 the project of splitting operations within the wholesale segment of the Group will be initiated, within the scope of which Roto dinamic will focus on the beverage segment in the HoReCa channel, while Konzum, with which Velpro-centar merged at the end of last year, will place its focus on the distribution of food and non-food assortment in HoReCa channel. In addition, Velpro will continue cooperation with small stores and the independent retail segment, continuing to develop the Plus Market segment.

With total revenues of HRK 954 million in 2019 and more than 600 employees, Roto dinamic operates through 15 sales and distribution centres, daily distributing its portfolio of beverages and additional assortment to more than 7,000 points of delivery. During the season that number grows to more than 10,000.  Roto dinamic also operates discount retail stores ideal for all beverage customers, from HoReCa businesses that account for more than 70% of customers, to individuals looking for the ideal price-quality ratio and a high level of service.  

„Roto dinamic has been operating for 28 years and has grown from a local distributor to the national wholesale operator providing full service to all our customers. Taking over the complete customer network of the HoReCa channel in the beverage  segment has been a natural step forward  for us, as on a dynamic and challenging market both our customers and our suppliers are looking for a reliable partner in sales and distribution, as they are aware of all the challenges in doing business during the season when the majority of revenue is generated. Our strength certainly lies in our focus on the customers and their needs and this is why we are today an agile company, with a high level of service irrespective of where our customers are located, being able to respond to all their needs“, stated Siniša Mužić, Director of the company Roto dinamic.

Velpro has been present on the Croatian market for 19 years and it generated revenues of HRK 1.151 billion last year. It operates through 16 sales and distribution centers with over 850 employees, offering more than 10,000 SKU's to its customers.

"After the merger with Konzum, Velpro has additionally strengthened its operations and secured sustainability in the long term. Over the years we have been recognized by our customers as a significant strategic partner in the development of independent retail trade and HoReCa in Croatia. The wholesale segment's new specialisation will provide an even stronger focus on the distribution of food and non-food products in the HoReCa channel. The strengthening of tourism and the HoReCa segment is  Velpro's long-term strategic objective, having infrastructure and service quality able to meet our customers' needs. We will continue to work on adjusting our services and assortment in accordance with their needs. The wide assortment of products is available to our customers through distribution and in 16 Cash & Carry centers, where they can purchase, in a time-efficient manner, everything they need for their restaurants, hotels, stores and other retail facilities. Today Velpro does business with more than 5.000 legal entities, whereby 450 operate under the small store brand Plus Market. We will also maintain strategic cooperation with all small independent storeholders' associations in the territory of Croatia", - said Slavko Ledić, CEO of Konzum.

Further consolidation of wholesale within Fortenova Group will provide for an even greater business focus and specialization. This will result in a higher level of service for the wholesale customers, optimisation of the supply chain and business overall, and better use of synergies. With a clear strategy in place, both companies will achieve the maximum effect in sales and distribution and provide a focused wholesale service to the target customer groups, responding to all of their needs.

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