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Sarajevski kiseljak holds opening ceremony of its new bottling plant in Kreševo



On 21st January 2020 Sarajevski kiseljak held an opening ceremony to put into operation the bottling line of its new factory in Kreševo. The new facility is the company's largest strategic investment worth more than KM 20m in total.

The construction of the new factory spreading over an area of 30,000 square meters has provided for a significant increase in the production and storing area of Sarajevski kiseljak, leading producer of mineral waters and carbonated soft drinks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the expansion of capacities as well as the factory's modern technology will enable Sarajevski kiseljak to grow its annual production quantities and further strengthen the company's market positions. The Kreševo factory employs 30 new workers.



At the opening ceremony attended by numerous invitees, Sarajevski kiseljak today put into operation the bottling line of its new factory in Kreševo, the company's largest strategic investment worth more than KM 20m in total

„This strategic investment marks the beginning of a new era for Sarajevski kiseljak and is a large step forward in the company's strategic positioning on the market. Last year we produced more than 120 million litres of water and refreshing soft drinks in the existing facilities. The brands of Sarajevski kiseljak and Jamnica dominate the bottled waters market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and are the first choice among consumers in this segment of the market. Technological improvement and the increased capacities in the new factory will make it possible for the results to be considerably higher. Thus we will additionally strengthen the leading position in Bosnia and Herzegovina and also have the lever to significantly expand into new markets. The new factory currently employs 30 new workers and that number will grow in the future as we will increasingly utilise the production capacities. I would like to thank everybody that contributed to the development and the start of operations of this plant / factory, and my big thanks especially goes to my predecessor and colleague Tomislav Slišković, to whom this factory is the highlight of his career and he can now peacefully retire“ – said Davor Čičić, Director of Sarajevski kiseljak on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the facility in Kreševo.

Renato Pejak, mayor of Kreševo municipality highlighted the exceptional importance of this event for Kreševo and its residents because opening jobs will help create better conditions for the existence of young people in Kreševo and help them stay, which is the primary goal and task of the municipality. “Kreševo has gotten a modern factory equipped by the highest standards, to the wellbeing of our entire community and that makes me, as Mayor, very satisfied. I am sure that in the future too we will together be oriented towards building, employment and economic prosperity, and finally a better and happier future in this area.” – said Pejak.

Tahir Lendo, Prime Minister of Central Bosnia Canton emphasized that an opening of a new factory is one more in a series of significant projects that are being realized in Central Bosnia Canton (CBC). “The Government of CBC is, according to its capabilities, always ready to support projects that represent a base for further economic development of the Canton. This is another confirmation that the Economy in our Canton is rising. I wish luck and success to all current and future employees of Sarajevski kiseljak.” – said Tahir Lendo, Prime Minister of CBC.


The facility in Kreševo is the first large production investment at Fortenova Group since several years and the holding company, together with Jamnica gave a significant support to its implementation. So, the opening ceremony was an opportunity for Fabris Peruško, Member of the Board of Directors and CEO of Fortenova Group to address the attendants as well.   

 It is a great pleasure to attend the ceremony intended to mark this great greenfield investment in production. Personally, I am very happy to mark my second anniversary at the helm of this large company with this new investment. On a symbolic level, this factory represents a major turning point in our businesses, as this is Fortenova Group's first production investment that, I believe, leaves the turbulent period we have been through completely behind us. We are particularly proud of the new jobs that have been opened, which is the most significant contribution of any employer to the community it operates in. Furthermore, with the new products to be produced in this facility the factory also stands for a developmental improvement, which is the key strategic guideline of Fortenova Group. I am certain that the new products that are soon to leave this facility will equally attract consumers and that Sarajevski kiseljak can look forward to a stable growth and development in the long term“, Fabris Peruško said on that occasion.



Production lines at the Kreševo factory represent the latest technological achievements in this field, including state-of-the-art production equipment and automated production process guidance. With a view to improving productivity and efficiency, all workers attended special training for the job. In line with the tradition and practice at Sarajevski kiseljak, the production processes in this factory will as well be run meeting high environmental standards and sustainable development principles.

The factory will soon launch Sara non-carbonated natural mineral water whose name was chosen in accordance with the best values of this water. In the forthcoming period, the factory in Kreševo will produce flavored water and juices.

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