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Okrajno sodišče in Ljubljana rejects Agrokor's appeal to the AVK ruling on interim seizure of Mercator shares


Okrajno sodišče in Ljubljana has rejected Agrokor's appeal to the ruling of the Public Agency for the Protection of Competition of the Republic of Slovenia (Javna agencija za varstvo konkurence) dated 16th December 2019, whereby the Agency issued an order to temporarily seize Agrokor's shares in Mercator as security for the enforcement of the non-final ruling of the Agency of September 2019 imposing a fine of EUR 53.9m on Agrokor due to an alleged misdemeanor – failure to file for concentration.

Agrokor expresses regret over the decision of the competent court in Ljubljana that has made the Agency's decision final and non-appealable. As the explanation of the decision of the court Okrajno sodišče of Ljubljana is unconvincing and legally weak, Agrokor still holds that the Agency's decision is unconstitutional, arbitrary and unlawful as well as that in passing the ruling on the interim seizure of shares the Agency also grossly breached procedural provisions. In order to achieve the annullment of the Agency's final and non-appealable decision, Agrokor shall use all available legal means against the decision of the Agency and the decision of the Court Okrajno sodišče of Ljubljana, all with a view to exercising its ownership authorities in Mercator. You can read more here.

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