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Fortenova Group generates growth of all KPIs over Q1-Q3 2019 - total core business’s unconsolidated revenues reach EUR 2,6bn and operating profit EUR 231,7m


Peruško: The excellent results we have achieved reflect a number of activities aimed at raising overall operational efficiency

Growth of revenues, operating profit and operating margin as well as significant cost control due to operational optimization measures and improved efficiency are the most important features of Fortenova Group's operations over the period Q1-Q3/2019.

The Group's core business (retail and wholesale, food and agriculture) realized EUR 2.6bn of unconsolidated revenues or 3.5 per cent more compared to the same period last year.

At the same time, total unconsolidated operating profit of the core business (net of Mercator) reached EUR 231.7m. The major part of EBITDA growth was accounted for by the retail and wholesale segment with 19 per cent and the agriculture segment with a growth of 28 per cent. Thus operating profit of retail and wholesale for Q1-Q3/2019 amounted to EUR 62.1m and of agriculture to EUR 27m. Operating profit of the food segment was EUR 142.7m, or at the same level as in the corresponding period last year, due to the impact of bad weather on beverages and ice - cream businesses in the first part of the tourist season.

In a year-on-year comparison, pro forma consolidated revenues of Fortenova Group grew by seven per cent and amount to EUR 2.5 bn for the period Q1-Q3/2019 (net of Mercator).and consolidated operating profit reached EUR 200.3 m.

Konzum was the strongest generator of both revenue and operating profit growth in the retail and wholesale segment and along with the revenue increase of almost 4.8 per cent, the nation's largest retail chain recorded a growth of all key performance indicators.

„Everything we have been able to realize over these nine months, and particularly over the two years since I have been with the company, provides lots of reasons for satisfaction. The excellent results we have achieved reflect a number of activities aimed at raising overall operational efficiency“, Fabris Peruško, CEO of Fortenova Group said when presenting the results to DR Holders, ie. the owners of the company and reminded them of several key events and developments which were crucial to the operations of Fortenova Group.


„Primarily, we have successfully prepared and implemented the creditors' Settlement Plan, which was an extremely demanding task, without any significant negative effects on the businesses of our operating companies, our partners and suppliers. In parallel, we were negotiating the refinancing, which was by no means easy given that the company had practically only just emerged from bankruptcy. With the successful closing of the refinancing we realized the largest corporate debt issuance in Croatia and in the region. In addition, we have initiated numerous internal transformation activities and along with the ownership structure, through the settlement we have also redesigned the company's organizational and governance structure, raised its corporate governance standards and strengthened the executive management with professionals who have international experience. Furthermore, we have initiated the divestment of four companies from our non-core business and of our real estate portfolio, featuring since recently, 143 properties. Most importantly, as our results clearly show, we have continuously raised operating profit and proved that we can accomplish the most important goals“ – Peruško highlighted.

As major challenges to the business in the forthcoming period Peruško mentioned the Mercator asset transfer processes in Slovenia and Serbia. Also, one of the challenges will be the Agricultural Land Act in Croatia which has negative impact on institutionalized agriculture as well as on Croatia's GDP. In his opinion, the greatest challenge to the business in the long term, requiring a systemic solution, will be the negative trends in the region's demography, not only in terms of reduced available workforce, but also in terms of a drop in the number of customers to purchase Fortenova Group's operating companies' products.

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