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Presentation of Agrolaguna Products at the Heart of Zagreb


On Saturday noon, 9 November 2019, Agrolaguna of Poreč assembled lovers of its cheese, wine and oil products at the heart of Zagreb to present in the best possible way what there is behind the numerous international awards that Agrolaguna products have regularly been bringing to Croatia over the last few months. At the Cheese Bar terrace on Zagreb's Europe Square Agrolaguna presented several sorts of Vina Laguna wines, Ol Istria olive oils and Istrian cheese from the Špin Dairy and along with the widely known products they also presented limited editions of wines, oils and cheeses that are not widely represented on the market and yet their quality has been recognized at global competitions. 

At the Saturday presentation of Laguna wines the focus was on the Festigia line, tasted from large packagings – Magnum and Jeroboam (Malvazija Istarska Festigia 2018, Malvazija Istarska Festigia 2018, Malvazija Istarska Riserva Vižinada 2015, Cabernet Sauvignon Festigia 2016, Merlot Festigia 2016, Castello Festigia 2016). Of the limited editions, the presentation included Malvazija Istarska Riserva Akacija 2015, sparkling wine Blanc de Moi – classic method, Malvazija Istarska Riserva long maceration 210 2012, Malvazija Istarska late harvest 2016, Terra Rossa Limited Edition 2018 and Riserva LV 2013.

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The presentation also included Špin - Istrian cow cheese, Špin – Istrian mixed cheese, Špin – Istrian sheep cheese, Špin – Istrian cow cheese in Terrano wine, Špin – Istrian cow cheese with truffles as well as Istrian mixed cheese in walnut leaves. Over the past month Agrolaguna cheeses took part in two prestigious global cheese quality competitions. At the Global Cheese Awards in England, Špin cheeses won two medals and one 'Highly Commended' certificate. Bronze medals were awarded to Grana Istriano and Truffle Cheese, Mixed Cheese in walnut leaves won the Highly Commended certificate, while Agrolaguna won as many as six awards at the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy. Mixed Cheese in walnut leaves won Super Gold and is now among the Major Winners, the world's best cheeses category. Gran Istriano was awarded gold, Istrian young cheese silver, while bronze medals were presented to Istrian sheep cheese, Istrian cow cheese and Istrian mixed cheese.

„Medals won at fairs are always an award to everybody involved in the production process and bear witness to the fact that hard work is always worthwhile. By continuous investments and learning we keep developing all our products and we are certain that these awards will also be recognized by our customers. Our cheese is produced of local unskimmed cow and sheep milk according to a traditional recipe. We continuously work on improving its quality and maintaining highest standards and are planning to expand the assortment by developing new products“ – Krunoslav Salaj, manager of the Špin Dairy, said at the presentation of awarded cheeses at the Cheese Bar.

Vina Laguna wines regularly win numerous awards at global competitions as well. The last ones in a row are the awards won at „Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot and Cabernet Insieme“, a competition at which Castello Festigia, Riserva LV and Merlot Festigia won gold medals and Merlot Festigia also the award as best Croatian wine present at that competition, as selected by journalist jurors. 

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„The goal of today's get-together was to present our premium line limited edition wines, which we have been creating at our wine cellars with lots of knowledge, efforts and love. These wines are the best proof that bringing together accomplished professionals, experience, enthusiasm and premium raw materials cannot fail to bear excellent results. Wines from our ultra premium series have been recognized around the world, as proven by numerous awards from reputable oenological competitions.  Along with the wines we have also presented this year's young olive oil, which is of exceptional quality. Each year for our award-winning single varietal oils and Ol Istria selection extra virgin olive oil only premium olive fruits are hand picked in order to produce this premium brand by carefully selecting and combining several olive sorts“, - said Milan Budinski, Director of Winemaking and Production of Vina Laguna wines.

The get-together assembled numerous important partners, distributors, key accounts, sommeliers, journalists and opinion makers in the gastro and wine scene and during the tasting Krunoslav Salaj and Milan Budinski introduced them to the production and creation processes of Agrolaguna products. Along with Agrolaguna delicacies, the guests enjoyed a traditional Istrian stew, istarski žgvacet.

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„Such gatherings are always an opportunity for the company to present the wide variety of its products to partners and customers, to demonstrate their quality and compatibility and to actually present its strategy through these products. I believe that Agrolaguna's strategy is quite obvious – quality, innovation, development and people. This is the key to our success on the market“ – said Vlado Čondić Galiničić, Executive Director for Agriculture at Fortenova Group and Director of Agrolaguna

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