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Agrolaguna and Agricultural Cooperative „Olive Growers of Istria“ sign cooperation agreement


On 3 October 2019 Agrolaguna and the Olive Growers of Istria Agricultural Cooperative signed a business cooperation agreement at the premises of the Craftsmen's Center in Poreč.

The agreement with Agrolaguna provides olive growers within the Cooperative with processing capacities as well as a high level of quality and health safety of the processed oil as the basic assumptionS for branding their oil with the label of protected designation of origin, assigned to Istrian extra virgin olive oils at EU level. It is estimated that around 60,000 kg of olive fruit will be processed, resulting in around 7,000 l of oil, depending on the yield.

At the same time this cooperation has enabled Agrolaguna to increase production quantities, expand its network of olive growing contract farmers and indirectly invest in the further development of olive growing in Istria. Agrolaguna's crushing plant has a capacity to process much greater quantities, which they hope to do in the years to come.

„I am very happy that we have started the cooperation with the Cooperative assembling such a great number of small olive growers, as this cooperation will be to our mutual benefit. I am glad that the Olive Growers' Cooperative has recognized Agrolaguna as a quality partner, given that apart from the business interest, this agreement is also important to Agrolaguna as Istria's largest agricultural company in view of the positive impact it has on the local community through the investment in the expansion and development of olive growing in Istria. Besides that, it also creates opportunities to work together on the development of products and the expansion of the market on which to place these products“ – said Mrs. Nerina Zec, Director of Finance, Accounting and Controlling at Agrolaguna.

The founding of the organization of olive and olive oil producers „Olive Growers of Istria“ was initiated by the olive growers themselves in cooperation with the Administrative Department for Agriculture of the County of Istria with a view to facilitating the common market placement of oil under one and the same label of protected designation of origin. The Cooperative comprises 55 olive growers.

„Securing processing capacities is an important assumption of the common market appearance and further branding of our oil, particularly when it comes to quality control in the process. Our goal is a high quality product of a higher price category and the cooperation with Agrolaguna makes it possible to meet these key assumptions in full“ – said Mrs. Katja Gašparini, Manager of the Olive Growers of Istria Cooperative.

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