Fortenova grupa njeguje otvorenu i transparentnu komunikaciju

Atlas and Kompas with their associated companies, Projektgradnja and Sojara are the first Companies in Fortenova Group's Process of Divesting Non-Core Businesses


By distributing materials intended for potential investors Fortenova Group has initiated the previously announced process of divesting non-core businesses. The companies offered for sale are: Atlas, Kompas and their associated companies, a leading travel services provider in SE Europe; Projektgradnja, construction company from Slavonski Brod with a strong track record in public and private sectors; and Sojara, grain port terminal and storage facility located in Zadar.

In line with its strategy of focusing on the development of its core businesses – retail and wholesale, food and agriculture – and the planned exiting from non-core activities Fortenova Grupa undertook extensive preparations for the divestment of the aforementioned companies, including hiring advisors for steering this process.

Fortenova Group's objective in respect of its non-core subsidiaries is to find strategic or finanical investors who will be capable of realising the great potential of each of these companies for the benefit of their employees, partners and other stakeholders. Fortenova Group's exclusive advisors for the divestment of Atlas, Kompas and their associated companies are UMiUM and PKF.

Fortenova Group's exclusive advisor for the divestment of Sojara Zadar and its assets as well as the divestment of the construction company Projektgradnja is Deloitte Croatia. 


Atlas and Kompas – regional leaders

Atlas, Kompas Ljubljana, Kompas Poreč and the Kompas network are the regional leader holding more than 20 per cent of the market in Croatia and Slovenia and more than 15 per cent of the market in Montenegro. The company which has been attracting around 1.2 million inbound and outbound passengers a year is well-known for the full spectrum of services it offers (tour operator, travel agency and destination management company), high degree of recognition of its two strongest brands – Atlas and Kompas, and the long-standing presence on the market. The company has more than 3,500 business partners and over 600 employees.

In 2018 Atlas, Kompas and their associated companies generated EUR 219m of total revenues.

Projektgradnja – construction experts

Projektgradnja has been in charge of some of the largest and most demanding construction projects in Croatia and is capable of performing any type of construction work. Its key market advantages are good client diversification resulting in completed public sector, commercial and residential projects, as well as a highly qualified team consisting of over 200 construction experts, including 30 engineers. The total value of the 69 projects completed by Projektgradnja over the past four and a half years amounts to EUR 173.7m. Considering the forecasted 5 per cent growth in the Croatian construction sector over the period of 2019-2021, the acquisition of Projektgradnja may prove to be a lucrative investment for potential buyers.

Zadar-based Sojara is located in the city's port terminal in the industrial zone. The factory features soya processing capacities and more than 150 thousand cubic meters of storage area. Its traffic connections are excellent.

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