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Fortenova Group Starts Disposing of Real Estates not used for business function


Fortenova Group has started to dispose of non-core real estate and to this end the company has opened a special website under in Croatian and English language.

Offers for purchase of real estate shall be received in two stages. In stage one, lasting from 15 July to 16 September 2019, non-binding offers will be collected, while the process of receiving binding offers will last from 30 September to 30 October 2019.

The website currently features 117 properties owned by the Group's operating companies, completely ready for disposal and meeting all statutory requirements related to the purchase and sale of real estate. The offer of properties for sale will be updated on a regular basis and the website supplemented by new content.

The properties listed on the website and intended for sale are divided into categories: residential, commercial, land and other real estate.

For each property put on the market there is a detailed description of its condition and terms of sale, along with the starting price and instructions regarding the way of submitting offers for the property in question. In addition, for facilities intended for sale there is a predefined date and time when the facility can be visited and viewed.

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